. . . Events . . .

If you want the whole kit and kabudle that means number one, that you are old enough to know what the words mean and if you are that old, you certainly should have enough money to afford the kit and kabudle, ask Richard Branson if you don’t believe us.

Special Theme Parties

If you happen to be here when we put together one of our über killer theme parties and our Garden Groove & Treehab parties, then consider yourself lucky. Cause these events are the bomb.

Here at Loterie Farm, expect nothing less than the magic of Mother Nature.

Ask us if there is a planned theme party during your stay and we might be able to score you some tickets. You can also check us for updates on our Facebook page facebook.com/LoterieFarm

private parties

Ohh yes, we organize great private parties and the person to talk to for a great one is our great event’s coordinator Samantha.

You can reach her at sam@loteriefarm.com or call her directly at +590-690.49.40.11

Garden parties
Every summer (if hurricanes allow it) we have our Garden Groove parties with soul food bbq, drinks, dj’s live music and entertainers.