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Due to the Covid-19 virus, we are currently closed at night so subsequently, no NuitLeau at the moment. We hope to be able to reopen soon for night service. 

NuitLeau, well known as “L’eaulounge” by day. We have transformed our pool area into an open-air, poolside, dining and entertainment venue by night. The ambiance is laid back, refined, casual, and fashionable with lounge music driven ambiance. We have visiting DJ’s up in the Tree Jay booth on some nights so please check out our Facebook where we post the dates we have guests up in the tree at www.facebook.com/LoterieFarm/



After Irma decided to remodel Loterie Farm, we have decided to also remodel and to create a unique & magical dining environment here at the L’eaulounge with an ambiance unlike any other here on Saint Martin (or, dare I say anywhere?). The flavors of “Hidden Forest Cafe”, “Tree Lounge” & “Brasserie Loterie” are fused together into NuitLeau, mixed together with the wonderful, open-air magic of nighttime L’eaulounge. 

We will also soon have visiting international DJ’s and we also plan to have open-air film screenings & entertainment in the future which also will be posted on our Facebook page.






The NuitLeau is, like the L’eaulounge, an adult environment and in the evening, this is even more pronounced. It is possible to bring children into the dining area though it is not possible for them to be unsupervised or to enjoy the pool at night and it is very important that they are not left running around the pool area. This is both for their safety as well as the enjoyment of our other guests.

Just to be clear, under no circumstances are children allowed in the pool area.  Children are only allowed in the dining area.

The NuitLeau is open from sunset until… Wednesday to Saturday Starting December 19th, 2018


This Friday my friends

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