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Brasserie Loterie Farm Irma Update

Unfortunately, Hurricane Irma did a number on us here and completely destroyed the restaurant, Brasserie Loterie Farm, formerly known as Hidden Forest Cafe.  We do have lunch offered and served in the pool area and we are now reopened for business here at Loterie Farm though somewhat limited capacity. 

We will try to rebuild the restaurant, hopefully for the 2018/2019 season. In the meantime, you are more than welcome to visit us at the L’eaulounge for lunch (and soon dinner) and enjoy our, “New LF Deal”

We are keeping the information below as an inspiration to rebuild, even though the restaurant is closed.

Our Original

Restaurant, Brasserie Loterie Farm, formerly Hidden Forest Café

Let’s get serious… about eating that is.

The restaurant in approaching iconic status after 17 years of continuous service doesn’t rest on her laurels.

In autumn 2016 we re-designed the restaurant with completely new roof and different seating arrangements and much better views of our garden and surroundings.

Brasserie Loterie Farm


Under the tutelage of chef Julia Purkis, comfort food served in a familial garden rules the roost here. Creative dishes with global influence drive the essence of our traditional eatery. Dinner reservations only.






resto-dinner-menu(Served in the vip section of the Treelounge Tapas Bar)

Family Style Dining

Ample portions partnered with eclectic fresh choices, have been, “La force majeure” behind our family-styled sit-down alfresco eatery for over a decade.