LF Mango €50

Includes 1mixed drink

Total Value €59

LF Silk Cotton €100

Includes a complimentary daybed by our pool

Total Value €126

LF Tamarind €200

Includes 2 complimentary daybeds by our pool

Total Value €252

LF Guavaberry €300

Includes 3 complimentary daybeds by our pool

Total Value €378

LF Mahogany €500

Includes 5 complimentary daybeds by our pool + 1 bottle of Whispering Angel rose

Total Value €673

LF Royal Palm €1000

Includes 2 complimentary signature towels and the VIP cabana for you and your guests with a bottle of champagne

Total Value €1362

*Royal Palm guests also get their name engraved on a plaque placed on one of our Royal Palms.

Method of payment:


Desired Level
Personalized Message

Currently you can pay with PayPal (even if you don’t have an account). Simply click on the PayPay button next to the level you are interested in. If you want to have any special messages etc. you can add that too.

When you are ready to visit and if you need your daybed or cabana reserved, please contact us here so that we can ensure your daybed / cabana is ready for you.
The amount on your pre-payment must be redeemed the day of your visit though you are free to use them anywhere here on Loterie Farm, i.e. you can use part of it for the pool, drinks, food or activities etc.

Thank you in advance for being not only a client and guest of LF, but also a true friend. We commit ourselves to the continuation of providing you with the experience that you’ve come to recognize as uniquely Loterie Farm.


Continue reading here below for some more information and of course.

please send us a message if you have any questions here

Literally, thousands of you have asked why we don’t have a GoFundMe page. GoFundMe pages where designed and purposed for individuals who need to raise funds for their personal needs.

The answer is simple. We are not a charity nor are we an individual. We WERE a thriving dynamic ecotourism business who suffered a “considerable” set-back due to the almost unimaginable damage caused by the passage of hurricane Irma. And we are not alone. 100% of businesses on the island where affected. So, what do we do? Do we roll over and play dead? Do we sit on our behinds, twiddling our thumbs waiting for government assistance? Do we pack up our personal possessions and abandoned our home? Or do we set up a charity account, watch the donations pour in, and feel like schmucks when we’re not held accountable for the cash injection?

The answer is… NONE of the above. We are LOTERIE FARM. We are leaders. We are innovators. We are dignified. We have a reputation to uphold. Yet, we too need funds; funds to rebuild and replant what hundreds of thousands of you believe to be one of the most beautiful spots on earth!!!!!!!
As the innovators that you know us to be, here’s what we’re going to do.


Regrowing Loterie Farm project

And here’s how it works:
We will accept pre-payments for goods and services and we will send you a certificate for the amount you paid, which you can redeem here at Loterie Farm when we have reopened, and you are ready to visit. There are no time limits on the certificates so if you want to age the certificate like a fine wine or give it to your grandchildren, you can.

Come whenever you’re ready, or give it to somebody who you know is coming, or just keep it as a souvenir of hurricane Irma 2017. Who knows, in 10 years when Loterie Farm SXM is part of an international luxury eco-resort consortium, you may want to redeem your voucher at any one of our properties in incredible destinations and know that you helped us get there, a true VIP guest of Loterie Farm.




With your help, we can raise much needed capital and get Loterie Farm and Saint Martin back on our feet and you will have the peace of mind knowing that you contributed, not donated. We will proudly and gladly offer you all of our services and welcome you with open arms into our home, not with hats in hands, but with our heads held high, great smiles on our faces welcoming you, our friends, back home. You will have a guaranteed reservation for your cabana, Flyzone departure, lounge chair, birthday party, anniversary, Tee time (yes, we said Tee time, our state of the art 9-hole golf course will be ready for early 2018 play) and many other activities which you’ll see on the list below, as well as some commemorative fashion items that you’ll be proud to wear.