Loterie Farm is open 7 days a week for lunch (noon to 4 pm) and open for dinner Wednesday to Saturday 6 pm to 10 pm. 

If there is one, just ONE positive take away from the devastation of Hurricane IRMA, it is that she gave us a clean slate, a fresh canvas if you will to recreate, adapt, and regenerate new ways to represent in our human way, in our human capacity, the essence of Loterie Farm.

The metamorphosis of our well known TreeLounge into the Jungle Room Restaurant, is no exception. 

When you walk into Jungle Room, you’re instantly transported into, well, a jungle.  Cozy, corner couches for intimate tête à tête réunions, to a full on sit down dining area are all separated by planters displaying the very vegetation that flourishes in our tropical forest. 

It’s a human meets nature segway into fabulous , sumptuous, and savory flavors creatively crafted by our artful culinary staff.

There is not a more unique dining experience on the island. Our family of highly focused servers will cater to your every desire. 

Whether it be casual tapas with a great icy chilled rosé, original cocktails, or a full on four course meal, your experience with us will be memorable.


OUR menu

The jungleroom is a music and ambiance driven chilled experience where old school meets new guard. Where the traditional concept of tapas has morphed into a mind bending experience (that’s from the strong cocktails of course) all under our umbrellas, ellas ellas… of “Caribbean Cool”.

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    Loterie Farm, Rue du Pic Paradis
    97150 St Martin, FWI