Welcome to loterie farm

Love to be outdoors connecting with nature ? Or are you a daredevil and love extreme sports ?
Well here we have them both! Loterie Farm is a secret hideaway nestled in the hillside of Pic Paradis
on French Saint-Martin where you can wine, dine, climb, hike and glide over the treetop canopy.
It is truly an eco-tourism and gastronomical experience you’re not likely to forget or find elsewhere.

What time do we open?
We open at 9 am here at Loterie Farm from Tuesday to Sunday (closed every Monday). 
It is normally not a great idea to come before that as we have our trusted security dog, Gunnar, who may select you for a closer inspection. 

For September we will have our L’eau Season Specials again and though part of Loterie Farm is closed due to renovations, improvements and vacations, other parts are accessible.  Please see our schedule here. 

September Schedule